as dave works in the kitchen, i'm brainstorming ways to make our master "suite" more romantic when we redo it.

over the last 7 years, it has often been a catch-all cluttered nightmare...in fact, right now, we're using it to store paint, flooring, and all sorts of miscellaneous remodeling paraphernalia (and we're sleeping in the guest room) and when i walk in to our old room and see that nasty mystery stained green carpet and sage green walls (that are much darker than i really wanted) i just want to vomit!! i am not really sure why i am suddenly feeling such a tremendous negative vibe toward our bedroom...but wow! i guess i have too many memories of nights of 4 hours of sleep or less in there...due to work and business ventures...and then there's the evidence of a couple rather intense arguments in our first year or two of marriage. all in all, the guest room is a much more welcoming place in my mind. it has become such a haven and restful place this year. yes, even in spite of the mouse that visited us there.

so today i watched an HGTV show today while feeding ava and i was inspired to make our room more serene and peaceful. right now we have a peaceful atmosphere in our temporary bedroom (the guest room) but it could be even better when we move back to our actual room!

on the show today, they installed a chandelier in the master bedroom and wall mounted lights on either side of the bed (like often found in hotel rooms). i thought both of these ideas were cool. and i think we'll put a dimmer switch on the chandelier. i think we will also have mirrored closet doors. and i'm still contemplating using a light blue paint on the walls vs. the shoreline haze (beige). hmmm...found some cool pics online tonight (searched google images for master bedroom ideas)

anyways, i hope that i don't sound too vain with all this. i know that redecorating a bedroom is not going to actually solve relational conflicts (which have THANKFULLY greatly reduced over the years) or change our lives in any other way, but i do think that it could help to make the space more relaxing and no longer remind me of some of the not so fun times...

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