fun chaos

...that's the best way to describe our lives right now....
  • went home wednesday night for thanksgiving. had a really fun time with our families.
  • came back thursday night. dave's brother pat came back with us to help us work on the house.
  • dave had to work friday so pat and i spent the day working together. we got the trailer from the church to store building supplies in, then he worked on the attic access door, trimming it out, making it level, and i pounded nails out of trim then painted it all day. that's about all we got done, much to our dismay. it always takes longer than you think! we listened to dave ramsey on the radio. i think pat enjoyed that.
  • saturday dave was here, the guys sanded in the a.m. and i rested. then i went to lowe's for a big 2 hour shopping trip. bought a bunch of little stuff and it somehow cost over $300.
  • the guys went to dreyer and worked on a jeep for a friend.
  • saturday afternoon my mom arrived. she and i primed the front room and most of the master bedroom. the bedroom will need a 2nd coat of primer as you can still see the green paint.
  • pat and dave laid our new vintage cherry laminate floor in the front room. it looks amazing!
  • we went to bed at 2:30 a.m. on sunday and got up at 6:30 so we could make it to 1st service at church. i was a zombie. falling asleep in sunday school. ah!
  • went out to parky's for lunch. then came back and rested.
  • then i went to lowe's again last night. spent another $250. on curtain rods, a register for the bedroom, and some paint and tubs to store junk in. how can that stuff cost so much?? huh? i picked out a greenish gray color for the front room and a shade a bit darker for the kitchen. i think it's going to look awesome!!
  • in the process of working on the kitchen, front room and master bedroom this weekend, the great room has exploded. there are all kinds of supplies and random things stacked all over the room. you can't sit on any of the furniture, or walk thru without almost falling down, etc. i think that today my job will be to sift thru all that. i want to load a bunch of it in the church trailer but it's just too heavy to do by myself and we didn't get to it this weekend.
  • dave was so sad yesterday when mom and pat left. he said "i'm all alone now"...he really needs some encouragement on the house so if any of you feel like giving him a call and encouraging him or coming over to help, he needs you!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you got an amazing amount of work done in such a short period of time!