home remodeling

sorted thru things in the great room and boxed up a bunch of stuff. now I just need Dave to come home so we can load the trailer together, to get some of this out for the appraisal.

found some things in the great room we can just throw away. like a box of car magazines dave's been hanging onto for 10+ years. yesterday he announced he can part with them now. Hallelujah!

and it looks like the master bedroom will need THREE, count them, THREE coats of primer ...at least!!! WHY, oh why, did I choose such a dark sage green 6 years ago???? I am just finishing up the second coat. At least we can get by with 1-2 in the front room and kitchen! And this is why I am choosing light paint colors now. If I, or anyone else who we sell the house to, wants to ever paint over these, they will barely even need primer!

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