let's add a little spontaneity to our marriage...

when we were dating, i never understood why dave would pick me up for the date and THEN wash the car, rather than washing the car BEFORE he picked me up. little did i know that 7 years into the marriage, he'd have me hand washing my car AND another person's in the driveway BEFORE we could go out to dinner. *sigh*

we also had to winterproof the pressure washer and put it away and while we were doing that...we saw an opossum in the tree in the yard, so now he's trying to shoot it.... except that it crawled into the hollow tree trunk. so he just came in and asked me if i knew if we had any fireworks to throw at the tree to scare it out of there. and he accused me of being sidetracked today!!!

nothing says romance like washing cars and shooting varmits!

it's almost 8:00 and i'm about to give up on going out i'm so hungry. i've offered 3 different times to just heat something up here. hhhhhhhh.....i know we have to make at least 2 stops on the way to dinner. looks like it will be a late night.

thanks for your prayers, by the way. as of about 3:30 this afternoon, when dave came home, we are getting along MUCH better. :)

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