• enjoyed talking to jenny on the phone today :)
  • found mouse droppings all over the kitchen counter (YUCK!!!) and promptly put out 2 new packs of D-Con...looks like I may have to call my favorite mouse hunter for help. ;) ...getting a nice visual of him...hahaaha...sorry, I am so inappropriate at times! But I can't help it, I love that man so much.
  • facing a lot of inner turmoil about a particular medical issue. not sure what to do. confrontation is not my thing but is inevitable if i stand my ground on how i really feel.
  • praying about an important lunch appt. that i have tomorrow about a potential job.
  • having 1st piano lesson with an adult student tonight. should be interesting.
  • the accountability system we've got going as far as eating goes is off to a great start (see real slim katie link), so i am going to try a cleaning accountability with my other sister-in-law. woohoo! hope that goes just as well. it's so much easier to do the right thing when you know someone else is in it with you.
  • the sermon from yesterday at church was very timely because despite what my dear husband advises, i am of course getting my hopes up once again...praying that i will not be disappointed. some of the verses mentioned: Psalm 27:14, Psalm 33:20, Psalm 37:7. other verses that i am clinging to are Prov 16:3 and 9 and Prov 14:30. ashamed to say that i really need to work on that last one. why am I so terrible?? please, please, please, please, if you would, pray for this whole situation...even though i'm a little vague and not forthcoming with details. I just can't bring myself to completely share all of it. But perhaps those who know me the best will know what I'm talking about...

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