random thoughts

  1. had some good talks with my David last night...and spent some real quality time together. wow, i love him so much!!!!! it is good times like this that i wish that every person in the world could have the privilege of being married and having a good relationship like we have. it almost makes me want to cry when i think that some people might not have this or are all alone or something.
  2. worked out this a.m. - came up with a new way to use the treadmill - put it on real slow speed and march high step fashion like we used to in band. very good workout
  3. interview/ lunch was pushed off to tomorrow. the anticipation is building...
  4. i'm going to use my newfound time today to rake and mow the yard.
  5. then making ham and potato casserole and salad for small group dinner tonight and going to some stores to get some things for david.
  6. dragging my feet about raking...i hate raking. wish i had a leaf blower. never used one before but it has got to be a handy tool! but i LOVE mowing. :)
  7. david's bday is in 8 days. just tracked a package on UPS that i ordered for him last week and it is expected to arrive on his bday. :) yippee!! i didn't necessarily get it for his bday but if it arrives that day, that's just an added bonus. 
  8. so excited!! i love david and i want this birthday to be very special for him. he wants to go to kentucky still. maybe we will do that.
  9. thinking about quitting facebook
  10. worrying about job related issues

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