was picking up a pile of laundry off the laundry room floor last night to put it in the hamper, hit the top of my head really hard on the bathroom door knob. felt dizzy and sick to my stomach instantly. almost didn't even want to eat dinner. ALMOST. later last night developed a terrible neck and back ache. i don't know if it could somehow be related to hitting my head, or if i just strained a muscle while raking leaves since i'm that out of shape. i hoped last night that i would sleep it off. but it did not go away in the night. this morning i can't turn my head to the left and it hurts to do just about anything, to sit, to walk, to sneeze, to talk on the phone, to type. :(  i put a call into the chiropractor and i'm hoping that i can get in today. this is horrible. in the mean time, i'm going to bible study, the lunch / interview, and i have a piano lesson in the afternoon...trying to decide if i should take some tylenol. i don't have any ibuprofin at the moment, which would probably be the best bet. i can't tell if this is a nerve thing or a muscle thing or what...

anyways, i really better get going. one positive thing to share: dave has started a new habit of getting up about an hour early every morning, having a big breakfast and going into work early. i'm so proud of him because he always wanted to do this!

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