• updated the real slim katie blog...
  • headed back to the chiropractor today, then babysitting for a friend and having dinner with my old roommates, one of whom just announced she is pregnant. total shock to me! so, looking forward to all our talks tonight.
  • i feel like a bunch of work-related doors were closing in my face yesterday, and yet dave keeps getting more work (and he's stressed and exhausted as it is!). i am very confused about what i am supposed to be doing right now. thinking of cold-calling some people about working for them - an organizing business and a financial counselor (dave ramsey ELP)...these are 2 things i would definitely feel passionate about.
  • had a ton of dreams last night about travelling with large groups, dealing with luggage, and having to go to the bathroom. dave woke me up in the middle of one dream at 2:30 a.m. to tell me that coyotes were yelping outside. they were really loud.
  • well, i guess i better get going on the laundry. it's laundry day and that's one day that i can't shirk responsibilies on or we won't have anything to wear!

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