got this text from dave..."7:09...buck down" after he'd been hunting for about an hour and a half. i can't wait to hear all the details.

while the sink is soaking in bleach water, i'm reorganizing some things...just cleaned up my purse a bit. got an idea this week while randomly searching the web about how to clean and organize my house...i went around the house and gathered up all the little cloth makeup bag type things that i could find that zip closed. then i repurposed them from whatever their old purpose used to be (whether it be to hold things in the medicine cabinet or just collect dust...) and i used them to organize the random items jumbled up in my purse. now i have it very organized.
  • there one bag for hairspray, comb, lipstick, chapstick, nail clippers, tide pen, mirror
  • another bag for checkbooks, money envelopes and ID and insurance cards, and debit card inside the FPU "use this card at your own risk" or whatever holder
  • another bag for other random cards (gift cards, library cards, etc.)
  • another bag for toothbrush and toothpaste
  • feminine products in the pocket
  • pens in the outside pocket
  • keys go in a pocket inside
  • cell phone goes in a pocket inside.
  • the only things loose in the purse now are gum and the defender flashlight.
i am VERY pleased with this little project. it is SO MUCH EASIER to find stuff now. hopefully i will be able to keep this up.

now, i mentioned that i stole a zippered bag out of the medicine cabinet. so i displaced the nail filer, clippers, etc. i put those things in a glass jam jar. i already had my toothbrush and toothpaste in a pint size glass jar. so then i looked at it and was unpleased with having my hairbands and bobby pins in a plastic spreadable butter container. so i dumped them out of there and put them in another jam jar. it all looks so pretty now.

i really want to take pictures of these 2 projects but i know that would definitely sidetrack me more than i am already sidetracked and the buzzer just rang. it's time to go bleach the other side of the sink. this sink shining is taking longer than it needs to since i only have one plug for the sink instead of 2. can only plug one side at a time.

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