thanks for stopping by surena! and don't worry about "freaking out" ...you were my reality check. :)

highlights from this week:
  • dave turned 28 on wednesday. amie made a cake for him at small group tuesday night. and i made him a peanut butter pie on wed. we ended up eating out at dick's bodacious bbq that night and then i made him his favorite - ham loaf and mac n cheese on thursday. dave also got some pretty cool bday presents.
  • had a new piano student start this week
  • ate hobo skillet at shawn & michelle's this morning. last time we had that delicious treat was new years day. it was amazing. michelle is such a good cook!!
  • trying to get approved for a fixed rate mortgage (we are in an ARM that adjusts in June). the house MUST appraise for $132,000 so we are scrambling to finish up some projects in the next week or so. attempting to do more work than we've done in the past couple months all in one week. so if anyone wants to come help us, we'd love it!
  • cut up deer meat last night. what a romantic friday evening. :) since we don't have a meat grinder, we ended up cutting a lot of it up into stew meat. the hardest part was trying to cut off this iridescent slimy membrane off the top of all the meat. there were several times i almost threw up in this process. 
  • dave ate a piece of deer filet tonight. i just couldn't bring myself to try it, even though he said it was amazing. it is just too soon. maybe in a few weeks, i told him. i really think it will be easier then. so i had chicken tonight.
  • we finally got around to patching some missing shingles on the roof, cleaning the gutters, and re-installing a section of gutter that's been down for....2 years? maybe more? i am so happy that is done. well, actually, almost done. it got dark before we got the gutter hung up. but that's the absolute last step. i am looking forward to finishing that tomorrow.
  • in the process of helping dave with the roof, i climbed up to the 4th rung on the ladder. that is a big step for me. i am paralyzed with fear the minute i step onto ladders. absolutely scared beyond belief. the 4th step is a record.
  • i'd like to go to bed soon. we have started a fun tradition of playing cards - golf - before bed this week. but anyways, i'm pretty sure that dave's not going to bed anytime soon. too much to do on the house and i'm surprised he hasn't called for me to come help him while i've been typing this. 

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