yep, it's always an adventure around here...

  1. got up at 2:30 this morning to go to the bathroom and the toilet wouldn't flush. barely enough water pressure to wash my hands. 
  2. same thing again at 5:00 when my alarm went off
  3. at 5, dave went and turned on a breaker that we had shut off last night while he was doing some wiring work because we thought perhaps we had shut off the well pump all night (even though that's not the well pump breaker...) of course, you never know in this house...
  4. needless to say, i didn't get to wash my hair. but that was ok since i was just going babysitting today. sponged off with what nasty brown, cold water i could get out of the bathtub faucet. kind of brought back memories of costa rica.
  5. dave shut off the well pump before he left because it was cycling on and off repeatedly. 
  6. i came home just a few minutes ago and turned it back on to see if it was any better after resting all day.
  7. same thing. no water pressure. brown water. i ran a bowl full of the nasty looking stuff just in case we'd need it later to flush the toilet and started pacing around the house in despair.
  8. i couldn't figure out what could be wrong since it was fine yesterday!  just when i was about to cry or call my friend amie to find out if i could shower at her house tomorrow, i walked into the great room to see water spraying up in the air outside the window...from the garden hose.
  9. this pesky little hose has played enough tricks on us by now! i'm about ready to throw it away! the handle (i just can't think of the right word now...) on it is very touchy. oftentimes, we lay it down in the yard only for it to turn back on and spray us. and just saturday dave was up on the roof washing out the gutters. when he got done, he tossed the hose down on the ground and it turned back on and proceeded to spray water up over the roof all the way to the other end of the house right where the ladder was so he couldn't climb down without getting soaking wet. he had to call me (i was inside) from the roof and asked me to "come save him" and that he couldn't explain what had happened. i immediately jumped to conclusions and thought he was falling off the roof and ran outside to rescue him only to find him afraid of getting wet. it did make the ladder rungs slippery but he was ok once i shut off the hose.
  10. well, anyways, back to the well pump story....apparently the hose turned itself on yesterday after dave and brad washed out the last gutter and it apparently ran all night long using up all the water pressure. that explains why the water wouldn't work this morning and every time that we tried to turn the well pump back on today. 
  11. once i went out and shut it off (noticing how wet and soggy the yard was around it) i came back inside and turned on the water at the sink and it is back to normal. yes! 
  12. i feel like such a genius after figuring this out. dave will be so proud of me. we were about to call a plumber! ...i'm just glad he shut the pump off entirely this morning before leaving or it would have ran all day long and the yard would be even soggier.
only like 3 more days till thanksgiving!!! can't wait!!!

EDIT: ok. maybe i spoke too soon. ran the bathroom sink. it was terrific. brown water but lots of pressure. then flushed the toilet. now everything is acting weird again. hmmmm...i sure hope this gets better soon!!

i have dealt with enough absolutely disgusting stuff lately. the deer, the mice...did i mention we found 2 dead mice outside the house saturday while fixing the gutter??...yeah, i doubt i mentioned that...but between all this dead stuff and now brown water...ugh....i'm just pretty frustrated!

EDIT #2: ok. seriously. now i think it smells like a dead mouse in the kitchen/laundry room/master bath. can't quite place it but so gross!!! there very well could be one since we're using DCON... i'm sorry everyone. i know this post just keeps getting more disgusting. i promise someday this blog will be normal again!!!

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