1. the appraisal will be friday...we actually have a date set now. 2 weeks from our initial conversation with the loan consultant. how awesome is that?
  2. aaron is going to help dave load the trailer tonight. i'm very happy about that because all the stuff is just too heavy for me...so, i will have thursday to sweep, dust and rearrange furniture in the great room.
  3. we laid some more of the laminate flooring in the front room last night. it is all down now, and we started laying it in the hallway. spent a couple hours and got like 2 pieces down. pretty complicated around all the doors.
  4. seth, nick and dave are going to work on leveling floors friday too.
  5. i didn't do any painting yesterday so i need to get back on that today. and i've got a piano lesson.
  6. had a lot of dreams last night. one in which i ended up throwing a gigantic fit because mom and emily told me to paint a room some color i didn't like and then they also wanted to paint one side of a bookcase to match the trim around the doorways. i kept saying things like "david told me that I could decorate the house and I want to make the decisions. i've never gotten to do this in my whole life"... i was hysterical and they took pictures of me being a brat. i woke up right after that. could have done without that dream!


MissAngieM said...

Hey, if I lived closer to you, I would Stage your home for you!

Dave & Katie said...

that would be sweet!!

Dave & Katie said...

I wondered if you were my follower named Angie!! :)