having fun with blake, my new little helper!

  1. he helped me play stack the plastic cups and knock them over in the front room.
  2. he helped me change his dirty diaper.
  3. he helped me clean the bathrooms.
  4. he helped me unload the dishwasher and put away the dishes. he actually did really, really good with this and he's only 18 months old! i was impressed. i gave him high five every time he put a spoon or lid in a basket for me.
  5. he helped me put another load of clothes in the washing machine. he thought it was really fun to throw clothes in and watch me put soap in there.
  6. he also helped me hang up some clothes to dry!
  7. i could get used to having such a helper around :)
  8. oh, now, it's time to go fold some towels! gotta run!

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