we almost went out and got a Christmas tree this weekend...and then we thought about how tacky it would look surrounded not by gifts but home remodeling supplies...and how bad it would look if it were covered with drywall dust after sanding the walls. so...we decided to save our $$ this year. it makes me a tad bit sad because i know this is our last christmas just the two of us (see the link in the last post...) but that's only when i am having a super emotional moment. other times when i'm tired, it is a relief to know that i don't have to decorate anything else. the wreath is it.

so instead of buying a tree today, we went to the grocery after church and then took a nap and david spent the afternoon baking bread and i made him no bake cookies (his momma's recipe that is his absolute favorite!!)

well, now, seriously i need to go clean up some stuff. i'm babysitting 3 1/2 days this week and teaching various piano lessons. it's going to be a pretty busy week compared to most lately. and next weekend, dave's parents might come see us!!!!!! we're so excited about that. phil would be a really big help to dave with some plumbing projects. and i'm sure that i could find lots of stuff for me and shan to do.

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