our good friend duke is over tonight. he helped dave unload the trailer and now they are working on gluing/screwing backer board on the countertops.

i've been working on our christmas newsletter tonight (you know we're both so wordy we can't get by with just a card...) maybe i will be able to finish this before christmas. although not very sure at the rate i am going.

i am really, really tired and a little dizzy. wondering if it is rude to go to bed when a friend is still at your house...working on your house...

housework and babysitting blake tomorrow, then taking dinner to small group. trying to decide if i will fix lasagna or stromboli or something else entirely. trying to find something that i don't have to go to the grocery to make.

also supposed to pick up FPU outdoor signs and post them around the community tomorrow. praying for a warm front to blow in. :)

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