my amazing husband

he's been staying up until 11, 1, 3, etc. every night working on our house, after working 10-13 hours/day at his job. i really don't know how he does it and lately i've been unable to stay up with him and support him like i normally do.

and then last night he had a problem with his jeep. he thought he had it fixed before he left work but then on the way home, realized that there was no heat. so he drove home in frigid temperatues with no heat. he tried to get it working again last night at home, in between counter gluing/sink outline cutting sessions and couldn't get it, so he is driving to work now in a vehicle with no heat. it is 15 degrees outside. i offered to take him in my car but he said he may have a chance to work on the jeep today if work is slow, so he had to take it. he was wearing 2 pairs of gloves, multiple shirts, coveralls, 2 hoods and a hat. i felt so bad for him though. he must be so cold right now.

but he is tough and that's what he wanted to do. so i'm learning that my job is just to help him with his endeavors rather than fight them, even if i think they're not good ideas at the time...sometimes i just can't see the big picture like him. :)

i am so thankful to have david for my husband.

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