i'm having a busy day. i'm working on cleaning up the house in preparation for dave's parents to come visit. that's easier said than done of course because every night the house gets covered in a thick layer of construction dust.

i have 2 piano lessons and a 2 hour geometry tutoring session this evening.

i also went to kinkos to get the Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey class that we're having at church again this winter) outdoor signs. ended up posting them around the community, cuz i knew dave didn't want to do that again this year, and he has probably had enough cold air what with driving the jeep with no heat. so that was a big adventure. it is TERRIBLY windy. the smaller signs weren't so bad but the 2 that i put up at the church gave me particular fits. they are 2 ft tall x 4 ft wide. i had to put 3 metal stakes in each one (i was doing this out of the trunk of the car) and then stick all 3 stakes into the ground simultaneously with 60 mph winds blowing against me in 20 degree air...i don't know how windy it is really....but while standing out there it sure felt like 60 mph winds and it felt like -20 degrees! the best part was when the trunk lid kept slamming down on my head as i struggled to put the stakes in. one sign alone took me 15 minutes. ha! i guess this is why we put the outdoor signs up Nov 8th last year. it was warmer and not so windy!

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