Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

Christmas snuck up on me. Somehow every year this happens. The day after Thanksgiving, I start getting in way into the Christmas spirit. I crank the Patty Loveless CD and get all into Christmas and want to decorate, etc. Then I realize that the big day is still like a month away so I try to pace myself and my level of excitement then the next thing I know....BAM! It's Christmas. And I am not ready. I'm not even hardly in the mood. I'm tired of my Christmas CD. And I'm shopping for and wrapping presents on Christmas Eve Eve. And scrambling to do all the laundry and pack up for the traveling. Perhaps my problem is trying to pace myself. Perhaps I should just be EXCITED!!!! for the whole month and not worry about it.

To help get me back in the mood, I read Luke 2 to me and David this morning while he ate his scrapple. And I've decided to wear something red or green every day for the next 4 days. :) Maybe that will help. And I'm determined to not overeat like I did last weekend so that I don't spend half of the first day of celebration in the bathroom sick. I just can't take eating all the food this year. And I guess that is a good thing. Maybe I won't gain so much weight. Spending the holidays SICK is just not really a good way to get in the Christmas spirit!

I've been reading the book about Simon Kenton - Frontiersman. It is really, really good. Apparently I take after my dad in loving history. It just helps me put my own life in perspective. For example, Simon just hiked from Detroit to Kentucky in a vast wilderness. It makes any challenge I could have seem pretty silly.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Christmas! See you later!

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