It's a beautiful sunny day and, for the first time in a while, I actually feel like doing something today. I had lunch with 2 girlfriends that I used to work with at Structurepoint and then I stopped by Target and got a planner and a belly band (so that hopefully I can wear some of my pants that are too tight for a little longer) and some other random stuff. Then I stopped by Lowes to return some things. Got $143 back! That was nice.

Now I'm working on balancing the checkbook, making room for and putting away Christmas gifts, organizing and cleaning, and putting stuff in my new FPU wallet and coupon companion!!! I'm so glad that Mom got this for me for Christmas. I have wanted it for SOOOOO long. Check it out at this link!

David had his brother buy him about 5 lbs of sweet lebanon bologna last week. We brought it back with us from Ohio in the trunk of the car, inside a laundry basket with a bunch of stuff (gifts, coats, etc.). Dave brought everything in from the car Sunday night and I put away everything that had to be put away and left the rest to work on today. Well, we found the bologna sitting in the laundry basket on the kitchen floor this morning when he asked me to make him a sandwich for his lunch. Great. Why would it be in the laundry basket, I asked??? It was out of the fridge for over 36 hours. So he yelled at me for my laziness and I cried my head off because I wasted $20 and ruined his life. This was something he really wanted.  And after all that drama, he decided he would still eat it. I sure hope he doesn't get sick from it. Oh well, if we could eat 2 day old leftover spaghetti with meat in it in Costa Rica, I'm sure he'll be fine from this.

I'm listening to Dave Ramsey and getting fired up about the next FPU class. It starts next Sunday night. Right now I think we're up to about 16-18 people, including ourselves. I am mostly excited that it will once again challenge us to get our act together. :) After all that work we did the last couple years to pay off debt and save $25,000, it is literally painful to watch money fly out of our hands to remodel the house. And now the baby is coming too and that is stressing me out! It is my nature when things get this ugly financially to just ignore it and be in denial. Dave too. And we have to face reality and fix this mess AGAIN.

I feel incredibly blessed as well. I've had 4 or 5 people (family and friends) in the past few days offer us all kinds of stuff for the baby. My friend whose twin babies moved to China has all kinds of diapers to give us and the people I babysit for have all kinds of clothes (boy and girl) and stuff (baby swings, carseats, etc.) to give us as Ava grows out of them...Now I just have to get the 3rd bedroom painted and done so that there can be a place to put all the baby stuff.

I am excited that it is almost a new year. 2009 has been awesome but there are some aspects of it that I'm ready to move on from.

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