Random stuff

here are some random things for your enjoyment...

5 things on your desk:

1. 3 unused bottles of Artistry toner that I'm trying to sell online
2. two glass vases that held our separate roses (like a unity candle) at our wedding, with price tags on them from a garage sale...i ended up taking them out of the box when i took the rest of the stuff to goodwill. i could somehow see selling them but not giving them away.
3. a book about making bread
4. christmas cards
5. scrapbooks

last 5 people i called:

1. Emily
2. Dave
3. a lady who sent me a $25 tip for delivering her paper. apparently she got her postcard telling her the name and address of the delivery person mixed up with the one from 2 years ago. i called her and told her i would shred her check.
4. a lady i've never met who had some questions about our upcoming FPU class
5. the church office

5 things on my bedroom floor:

1. an atlas (because i wanted to know where all the rivers are that Simon Kenton talks about)
2. clothes that don't fit and will be taken to goodwill
3. dirty clothes
4. clothes that do fit
5. suitcases

5 things in the kitchen:

1. bath towels (christmas present!)
2. a laundry basket
3. batteries
4. dirty dishes
5. a photo album (christmas present!)

5 things on the couch:

1. coveralls
2. pillow
3. a comforter
4. sheets
5. another pillow

5 things on the coffee table:

1. a blender
2. kitchen towels
3. weight watchers smoothie mix
4. hand mixer
5. waffle iron

5 things in the master bathroom:

1. rugs folded on the floor
2. a stepstool
3. a giant trashcan in the shower
4. no lights (the power is shut off to that room)
5. a rug hanging on the towel bar to dry. it's been there about 2 weeks. i think it might be dry now.

5 books i'm currently reading:

1. Your Pregnancy Week by Week
2. Possum Living
3. The Magic of Thinking Big
4. Frontiersmen
5. To Train up a Child

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