dave wants me to make our own bath soap. he despises all store-bought soap. it doesn't really work on him and irritates his skin. we buy a lot of handmade soaps but we've been talking about making our own lye soap. so he bought this big container of lye at some amish store this weekend and instructed me to go buy 3 quarts of animal fat today and make the soap. i mentioned this to my mom and she was concerned. i googled it. everything i can find tells me that i should not do this while pregnant because of the fumes from the lye. great. i've been promising him i would make him soap for like 2 years. and now when i finally get around to it, i'm not supposed to!

did a little christmas shopping this morning after taking dave to work. almost done with that.

i think i will make one last attempt today to finish our christmas letter. if i can't get it done, i guess we will just not send one out this year.

the house is also very disgusting. i need to clean the kitchen but i feel like throwing up when i walk in there. it smells like pan-fried scrapple from dave's breakfast.

we are finally selling our subwoofer today!! for about 1/3 what we paid for it 3 years ago, but a lot of $$ none the less. Praise the Lord, the giver of all things!

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