fun with laundry and tires

i'd like to do some laundry before the weekend so we have something to wear. so we moved the washer and dryer back into the laundry room this morning right before dave left for work. he didn't have time to hook either appliance up though, the pipes on the back of the washer or the 220 wires sticking out of the floor to the dryer outlet so i could plug it in or the dryer vent...so he said, "you can do this!" and left. nice. so, i cried and then went back to sleep. i got up, showered and ate a PB&J (why is it that now that i'm pregnant i only want foods that i ate as a child?)...and then i hooked up the washer and dove into my first electrical wiring project ever for the dryer. and i can't get the wires to reach far enough. if they would come out of the floor a little farther i know i could make this work. hhhh....oh well. so, it looks like i will be hauling our dirty clothes to the laundry mat now. and then later he wants to work on my car. so i'll be loading snow tires into the car so we can put those on for the winter. this is so much better than if i had to be working 40-70 hours/week, don't get me wrong...but these are some of the most annoying tasks to have right now considering how bad i have felt the last day or so...all i want to do is sleep and eat PB&J (and none of our homemade PB...I had to go out and get store-bought crunchy...that's all that sounds good)...and i like to wash this down with generic kool-aid. i can't remember the last time i had kool-aid!

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