i'm really in the mood to blog this week. wow...

dave got home from work about 8:30 last night. then he started in on the house. he stayed up till 1:15 working on the bedroom last night. the register and ductwork was falling out of the ceiling on one side. turns out because it was only fastened to a ceiling joist on one side, so he had to get in the attic and build a stringer and another "joist" for lack of better term on the other side of the register to support it.he was so glad to have that taken care of...then i pointed out the laundry room register is the same way....hhhhh....now he will have to do that all over again!

dave also filled holes in the attic access with wood filler so i can paint it and you won't even see any fasteners. apparently we may have the appraisal late this week. still haven't actually heard from the appraiser though.

after doing 2.5 coats of primer yesterday and moving stuff all around in the great room, i was pretty well beat. actually, i didn't feel very good at all last night. really regretted doing so much. so i made dinner about 9 and then started getting ready for bed. needless to say, we still didn't get the trailer loaded. there's really no way i could have helped with that when dave got home last night. so, the great room still looks like an explosion and i can't really get in there to sweep, dust, etc. until the other stuff is moved out. oh how i wish i had enough money to just hire someone to come do that today!!

i'm too lazy to post on real slim katie today but i did lose another pound yesterday somehow. this is cool!

i'm going to go babysit my friend's 18 month old boy this morning. then i will be back home to do more priming and some cleaning too. i'm having trouble not feeling overwhelmed by all this!!!!

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