it looks like it is going to get worse before it gets better. i'm referring to the cleanliness of our house. it is a MESS. dave instructed me tonight that i need to empty the laundry room closet. i store a TON of stuff in that closet. and i still have all our first aid type stuff in the master bath and some cleaning supplies. so it's a good thing i just bought 4 more 18 gallon christmas tubs on sale at lowes. i just filled 2 and i'm not done yet.

i did 2 things today that are outside my comfort zone. 1- i went in the crawl space to help dave attach the PVC drain pipe for the washing machine. and 2- i went up in the attic to push the vent pipe over for dave so he could reach it in the laundry room. i hate ladders and i hate confined spaces. and i dealt with both today. how exciting!!

i really wish i could post a pic of this dump for y'all. you might feel better about whatever messes you have at your homes. at this point, we're learning to live in it. but just about an hour ago, i cried out, "will our house EVER get back to normal?"

i shared my newfound love of online tetris with dave on thursday night. surprisingly, he didn't accuse me of being lazy but he fell in love with it too. he beat my high score. he's up to 2600-something. my highest was 1800-something. we have to pull each other away from the game every now and again. we're also working on a 1,000 piece puzzle. we started it friday night in celebration of the fact that dave got home before 6. first time all week. every other night it was at least 8:30 or something. this puzzle is SO hard. i got all the edge pieces together this afternoon and then i found an extra edge piece. something is wrong.

well, i'm off to shift some junk around. hope you're having a good weekend like we are!

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't played tetris since I lived at home until I just recently found it on one of the kids "webkinz" websites...now I can play and earn them kinzcash at the same time...what a good mother! I also remember getting hand cramps in bed at night and dreaming of it also...crazy huh? Pretty sure Dave liked it back then too...or maybe it was Patrick...it was one of them that taught me. And the best way to get people off the computer is tweezing out their hair...surely Dave will rememeber that....
Been meaning to call you and just chat...life was crazy before and during the holidays, but hopefully next week will be a little calmer. Hope all three of you are doing well!