so exhausted. but a good kind of exhausted after a fun-filled night of FPU. had several new people show up tonight and decided that we should split into 2 groups for discussion. we had over 30 people and the dynamic wasn't there that we had last week, we think because the group was too big. so hopefully our good friends aaron & jessica will help out with the 2nd discussion group. 24 or so of these people don't even go to our church, but we are learning that some of them go to neighboring churches, which is really awesome.

dave is feeling a little better after the weekend i think. he got the plumbing done in the laundry room and had time to relax and rest and get energized for this next busy week. he has been SO SO SO SO busy lately. last week he got home so late every night and he had so many balls up in the air it was almost painful to witness his stress level. i am praying for him to be able to handle all this.

i'm off to nanny tomorrow. praying that it goes as well as friday did. it was really a dream day. the boys were absolute angels for me (no time outs, no running away from me when i told them to lay down for nap, actually rested during nap time, and then cleaned up all their toys before their mom came home) and ava slept for 3 hours straight. :) 

well, i really better go to sleep. must get up in less than 7 hours. yuck. that's the worst part about mondays. getting up at 5 a.m.

by the way jenny, thanks for commenting! i've been thinking about you lately and wanting to call but didn't know if you were back from all your travels yet or not. maybe we can talk this week!!

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