new post on the baby blog ...

dave & aaron are working on framing the new and improved wider master bathroom door tonight. and maybe some other stuff. thought it's getting kinda late.

i deleted my posts about lowe's and finances. sometimes i forget that my blog is public and i blab too much.

working on making more close friends in REAL life not on the internet. although i'd love to know more about those of you who read my blog. what brings you here? do you have blogs that i could visit too? please leave comments! sometimes i wonder if anyone reads this cuz NO ONE comments. well, jenny, emily and erica occasionally do and let me tell ya, that's a highlight of my life! :)

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eisley54 said...

I'm glad I can be a hightlight of your life! Don't stop blogging, I miss you and love knowing what is going on in your life....and I feel the same way, no one comments on my blog either! i'm too boring i guess! haha!