1. since i cleaned the house this weekend, i'm trying very, very hard to maintain it. i won't let myself go to bed each night unless all the misplaced items are put away. i'm finding this is a lot easier than putting it off for weeks then having a gazillion misplaced items to put away. :)
  2. heading to the laundry mat again today. i like this other one much better than the first one i went to. the owners are very hands off. the bathroom is not locked like at a gas station, etc. i have to drive a little farther to it, but that's a small price to pay to not have the owner touching your clothing.
  3. then i have a couple piano lessons. it's fun because we're getting geared up for the recital in march. i'm getting all my students started on their recital pieces this week. it will be so fun to see them master these songs. :) so far we have "The Gift to Be Simple, Pop Goes the Weasel, Jesus Loves Me, Yankee Doodle and Happy Birthday"  yay!
  4. working hard on not being online as much. with my schedule, i have a lot of little bits of time throughout the day that i often determine would be best spent online considering i couldn't get much actual housework, etc. done. which is a lie i tell myself...so anyways, dave threatened to take the internet away again the other night. i told him that this is a personal battle of self-control and if he just takes it away it robs me the opportunity to work on actually having self-control. i think that i get to keep it for now. but anyways, i'm allowing myself time like this first thing in the a.m. and then i can't get online again during the day unless it's for looking up info that i need to go somewhere, etc. and if everything's clean again at night, i could get on again for fun.

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