15 Random Things that make me Happy

  1. naps (for myself and for kids that i'm babysitting!)
  2. Pizza Hut pizza
  3. Schwann's vanilla ice cream. you can just do so much with it. :)
  4. freshly painted walls
  5. freshly painted trim
  6. the green curtains in our office / soon-to-be nursery
  7. homemade bread
  8. my homemade laundry soap
  9. my homemade dishwasher detergent
  10. using more than 1 coupon on an item that is already on sale and getting it almost for free.
  11. our new bathroom. how well-lit it is. how clean it is. how functional it is.
  12. this way-cool, cheap decorating idea that i'm going to incorporate SOMEWHERE in our house. not sure where yet. this link is not where i originally saw this idea. but can't find that link. so, this is basically the same thing.
  13. thinking about being a mommy
  14. our toaster oven...made baked potatoes in it last night. it rocks.
  15. making david good dinners

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