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today i watched the documentary called MAXED OUT (about credit cards) on youtube. i was deeply moved by how people get so depressed over debt that they commit suicide. one woman in particular down along the ohio river in indiana. that really disturbed me. the poor thing. it makes me want to teach FPU over and over and over for the rest of my life. if i can encourage just 1 person, give them hope, and keep them from killing themselves, it would be worth all the hard work.

and i also watched the pregnancy/ baby shower/ impromptu home birth of Josh & Anna Duggar's baby on youtube. i heard they had a home birth but wasn't able to find the video online until i searched on youtube. it made me even more excited about this summer when we get to meet our own baby! yay!!

what gave me the idea of watching these videos on youtube was when i was telling our friends saturday about bethlehemstar.net and how the bethlehem star and eclipse and blood moon at jesus's death has been found in the mathematics of the stars. apparently, this 90 minute video can be found on youtube as well. so awesome! it is hard to deny the existence of God when you watch this. here are some clips.

after babysitting today, i had a really bad headache, so as you can tell, i didn't do a lot this afternoon. just watched these videos. however, i did make a really great dinner. made a pork roast in the crockpot and we had baked potatoes with all kinds of toppings and broccoli. yum! it was a great dinner. dave loved it! and so did i....and i think the baby was probably a fan too ;)

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