i was overwhelmed this morning looking at my really long, highly optimistic to do list for the day. i've been on the go since then and all i have to show for it is that i managed to accomplish 1 thing on my list...and added probably 5 more things to it! ah! what a day!

i did just get a call from dave on my way home from tutoring letting me know that i don't have to make us a big dinner tonight after all. that is nice. because now we will just have something small like grilled cheese and i can spend the next hour cleaning and organizing, and putting away the rest of the groceries (i put away the fridge/freezer items) about 5 hours ago, 2 stops at home ago, and had to leave the rest...,so anyways, i'm off to pick up the pieces from this crazy day..... and i thought i was going to be a stay at home wife! ha!

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Molly said...

Katie, thanks for telling me about your blog! I've been reading it this evening to catch up a little on what you've been up to. :) I think it's so cool that you're planning to use cloth diapers (I want to use them too when we have a little one) and I so want you to share how you make your laundry detergent! (Maybe you did and I just didn't see it...) It was so nice to talk to you today on the phone. It made me wish that we lived closer to each other. Hope we can talk again soon... :)