a list of more random things that i just threw away

(if this title doesn't make sense, read my previous post)

  • david's schedule of class for his 11th and 12th grade years
  • a card from jud & sara thanking dave for being in their wedding about 10 years ago
  • ticket stubs from the 2002 PMO christmas show
  • a Target gift receipt from my cousin for a wedding gift she gave us
  • an invitation to a ladies happy hour at my aunts that i have NO recollection of
  • a map of the monon trail bikepath circa 2002
  • a change of address card from Em from about 10 moves ago
  • a receipt from when i had lunch with my friend Jen across the street from O'hare in 2003...yeah...like i need that!
things i saved:
  • a 21st birthday card from emily to david that is shaped like a hawaiian shirt...on a miniature hanger...it was too cute to toss
  • cards from my grandma....make me wanna cry!
  • pics of dave as a little boy!
  • some mother's day cards that we bought for our moms upteen years ago but never gave them for some reason. guess we're all set for this year! :)

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