March is here!!!

Goodbye February. That's all I have to say to you. Heard on the radio this morning that Indianapolis had one sunny day in the entire month of February. I'm ready for some sunshine and springy weather. And even though there's still snow on the ground, the sky is gray, and it looks like the same gloomy winter days of previous weeks, I know that it is March 1st. And I hear birds chirping in my yard. And I am cheered up. Because spring must be on its way. Yay! The other cool thing is that the time change is coming soon and even though it will be darker in the morning, it will start staying daylight until almost 8 pm. David and I love this time of year. We actually feel like doing something in the evenings when it stays daylight. :)

More complications persist with the installation of the furnace. Hope that this drama gets over soon.

Muddy footprints are overtaking my home. David's and other random guys working on the house. Along with dust and plunder. I'm going to try to tackle some of it because several members of Dave's family are coming out next weekend and I need to clear some spots on the floors for sleeping...and playing and stuff.

I let David down last night when I refused to go outside and shoot an opossum after he poked it with a stick to get it out from under the deck. So he had to shoot towards the house, killing it under the deck. And then he had to solder pieces of copper pipe together to form a hook on a 12' long piece of pipe to drag the dead opossum out from under the deck. I'm such a bad wife...appparently. If you judge the measure of a wife on her willingness to shoot varmints. I said, "Well, the only way you knew it was out there was that I told you. At least I did that much. And did you honestly think when you married me that I was the type of woman who would shoot varmints?" "Yes" he said. Well, apparently I deceived him in our courtship. At least I took a picture of him with his kill. He was so proud. I will refrain from posting it for all of you to see.

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