it is amazing how much just knowing that it is the month of march is increasing my productivity. :)

i am getting a lot more done around the house. yesterday i plowed thru a giant avalanche of paperwork on the office floor. at least i can see the floor now. and i went to 3 groceries all while my laundry was going at the laundry mat. (yeah, the dryer isn't fixed and the washer is out of order too since dave's doing some plumbing on that side of the house.) once again this week, i cut it very close on the grocery envelope. i actually had to have the cashier at kroger take back 1 item because i was 50 cents shy of being able to pay for everything. but oh well. still didn't use the debit card! i need to figure out more ways to stretch this budget or take away from another category or something!

and when dave got home at 10:15 we finished reviewing our taxes and then e-filed. it was his idea to do it! wow! and even though i was tired, i stayed up until 12:30 to do that with him. his time is at such a premium right now. every night this week he will be working / at a meeting / etc. until after 8 pm. i don't really know how he does it. but i'm thankful that he does. i hope that he gets to come home right away on friday night. i'm planning on making him a homemade pan pizza. mmmm....

my bible reading in a year program went out the window the first week i tried it. but i've been doing some spiritual reflecting lately....basically, right after we went to costa rica last fall, i was in the middle of a beth moore study at church. i was 5 weeks into the 10 week study. something happened and i got off track and just could not get myself back on track. i don't think i did a single day for the last 5 weeks of the study. i made excuse after excuse. and normally i'm really good at doing that kind of thing. even when i was working 70 hrs/week as an engineer. so it was pathetic that i couldn't do it when not working that much. i still went to the weekly class, watched the video and tried to join in the discussion, but really didn't have much to add since i hadn't done the study...so anyways, ever since i've been sort of distant from God. which is really a shame considering i should be daily praying for our unborn child, etc. it's quite sad. so last week i was talking to my friend. i love her. she is so on fire for God right now. and i want that. but yet, something is holding me back. and i shared that with her. basically, she deemed it an attack of satan. and i thought, of course it is! so i intended to jump back into the word last week when i talked to her. got distracted some more.  that dumb devil and my worldliness....!

so today is the day, i decided. i wanted to go back to sleep after dave left since i stayed up so late last night. but i drug myself out of bed, showered, dressed, ate breakfast, and opened up my beth moore study from last fall. and i was blessed from doing so. i'm determined to finish this. even if i am about 5 months behind of the group!! satan is not going to stop me anymore.

the other thing is the church is starting another womens study at the end of march. should be a good one. i'm trying to decide if i will do it or not. i would like to have this one done before i start that one...what do you all think i should do?

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