clothes and wheat

sorry for the LOOOOONG post about our vacation. some of the details y'all could have probably lived without. i just wanted to remember it forever and ever....
i'm having an awesome week. yesterday i got quite a few things checked off my list.

1) made some phone calls, ran some errands....continuously let down by local utilities and stores' customer service policies. but i will not bore you with all those details...it's just sad that now i'm starting to not believe that anyone will do what they say they will do as a result...

2) bought 25 lbs of hard white wheat from the mormon storehouse and a plastic food grade bucket from lowe's to store it in. this wheat will produce approx. 75 cups of flour (in our nutrimill wheat grinder) according to a google search. all for about $8. i couldn't even come close to buying that much flour at the store for that price :) how cool is that? hoping to try a new bread recipe from dave's coworker's mom tomorrow using this wheat.

3) went to the grocery and bought only healthy foods. coming back from our vacation, it is our goal to eat healthy again. we've really gotten off track the last couple years.

4) dave is thinking about joining a boot camp at a gym to get more in shape. he's having a lot of back pain that is related to weak muscles in his legs...and i know that i really need to make exercise a priority. at least walking for now. hopefully a lot more after this summer.

5) also coming back from vacation, we've decided to set a bed time and stick to it. between 10:30 and 11:00. we have never had a set bedtime. not even close. one night we might go to bed at 8. another night we might go to bed at 3 a.m. it's driving me crazy. always has. so far this week we've stuck to our bedtime. yay! david realized after getting his rest on vacation that sleep is *shock* helpful. so now he wants to make sure he gets it...i'm praising the Lord he's finally discovered this.

6) i went thru 6 tubs of clothing last night, the closet, my dresser and another pile. i made 2 huge piles of clothes to get rid of. you see, i had 6 tubs of clothes that currently do not fit. some of these things haven't fit me for about 2 or 3 years. it was a rather emotional thing to go thru all of it. but i forced myself to. it stinks to have all this extra junk around to shuffle about the house. so, i went thru it and saved only a few pieces of clothing that i think i would really like having should i ever get back to that size. i'm too much of a tightwad to get rid of all of it. but for example, i had about 10 pairs of dress pants that are 3 sizes too small. i kept 2 of them. because i don't plan on going back to an office where i have to dress up anyways. so if i do get back to that size, i'd only need them for church or something. 2 should be more than sufficient. and i got rid of a bunch of shirts that are just old and nasty looking anyways. and a lot of pants and things that david never liked anyways.

i think that i mentioned that i read in a book that the average person only needs about 9 outfits. then online yesterday i found another list...it said that a stay at home woman needs 5-7 outfits for everyday (no sweats), maybe 4 nice outfits for church or whatever, 2 pairs of tennis shoes (1 for working outside or painting), 1-2 pairs loafer type shoes, and i think they said 4 dress shoes, and a winter coat....and i know they said something about loungewear/pajames, etc. so basically, i'm determined to get rid of a bunch of clothing so that i have something left that resembles this list. i just had too much stuff as it was. even after purging a TON of stuff, i think that i still need to go back thru what i have and make sure that it is still not too excessive.

there are just so many thought processes to go thru. i had to be pretty hard-nosed about purging this stuff. for example, i had 4 bathing suits. i only really like the 1. i contemplated saving 2 in case we ever went houseboating again. finally just saved the 1. that included getting rid of the 1 from our honeymoon. i didn't even like it that well...it was a tankini that rode up all the time, but it was the sentimental value. david told me to get rid of it.

another thing...i received a bunch of maternity clothes from michelle and my friend, kelly. basically about half of them fit me (lots are too small) this pregnancy. it is my hope now that dave and i are on a new health kick to lose a bunch of weight after having this baby so maybe when i get pregnant again, those smaller maternity clothes would fit me. so...i had to think really long and hard about this...hhh....to save this stuff or not? i finally decided to save only the stuff that i really, really liked and get rid of some of the pieces that i didn't like that much. God blessed me with all this, and if I really need more again later, I think that He will bless me again. maybe that's flawed logic...but then, what are the chances that i'll really be smaller the second time i get pregnant?

i'm judging another science fair today. and i've got a couple piano lessons. it's supposed to be in the low 80's today. fun, fun! have a great day everyone!

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