we got off track with our bedtime last night. asleep at midnight. not good. i'm so sleepy today and i've got so much to do!

here's my to-do list for today:

let the neighbor's dog out
grind flour
store remaining wheat
make bread (new recipe that will hopefully be a bit faster)
buy gas for the mower and mix it with stabilizer in the gas can
mow yard while bread is rising and baking
piano lesson at noon
maybe go to kohls to exchange the tennis shoes that i bought sunday that don't have an insole
stop by goodwill to drop off all the clothes i'm getting rid of and a couple other items
another piano lesson
math tutoring

also, continue to figure out ways to organize our home in preparation for the baby. i'm beginning to realize that our bedroom and bathroom are probably not going to be done in time for the baby. or at least in time to get the baby's room ready in case it comes early. so i'm trying to come up with plan B...i think that we will move the office into the great room somehow and then put the baby in the office and we will stay in the guest room for the time being. david says not to give up completely. but seriously....there's a LOT to be done yet. an example of WHY i think that the bedroom and bathroom will not be done...they haven't changed much in the last month since patrick and phil were here working with david on them and last night, portions of drywall were cut out of the kitchen. now, instead of a backsplash behind the kitchen sink and counter, there's studs and an open wall. and there's an open wall surrounding the breaker box next to the stove. it's really lovely. there are times that i just want to bawl my eyes out when i look at my other friends who are also expecting this summer and they have had their baby's nurseries set up for almost 6 months now. or what seems like it. i have nothing ready for the baby. i feel like we are already terrible parents.

we decided to make friday nights "family night" so david can't work on friday nights. just another part of our little schedule that we came up with while on vacation. we're both excited about it. this week we will be watching a video we borrowed from the midwife on our computer. it's about circumcision. (should we have a boy...)


Erica said...

hey women...i see no belly pics..get on it!!! lol

Heather said...

If you have any questions about circumcision, feel free to ask. None of my sons are circumsized.