i've taken on a few extra commitments this week and for the week ahead(babysitting, substitute piano lesson teaching, etc.). as a result, i'm pulling in some extra money. and that is always good considering we have a black hole that swallows up money. it is called our home.

i am having a really good day. we started it out spending quality time together and having bacon sandwiches over our weekly financial meeting. then dave headed into dreyer to work on a van and i ran to the bank and the grocery for a couple items, mailed off our mortgage payment (woohoo!) and then came back home and mowed the yard then filled up the gas can and the jeep. it gives me such pleasure to mow the yard. and today was particularly exciting because it was supposed to start raining in the early afternoon so it was a race to get it done before the rain. and guess what, i won! :)

i'm working on making a digital scrapbook of our vacation online. when i get done, i will have it printed in a hardcover book and shipped to me. i will also be able to share it online. so far it is pretty cool! i got about half of it done in maybe an hour of working on it thursday.

we didn't make much progress on our bedroom this week. i'm really hoping we can this week so that soon we can move back into it so we can set up the nursery. all my friends having babies lately are having them at 36 or 37 weeks and i want to be sure that i will be ready should that be the case for us.

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