home remodeling progress

this is a picture of the conglomeration you might call our former breaker box. right in the middle of the kitchen. conveniently located over the stove (i'm sure that's some sort of code violation...). mice had built a nest all around it and chewed several of the wires. and when the electric company redid the wiring from our new meter base to the breaker box they found that the main wire coming into the house had been really hot at some point recently. so, in the words of one guy, "you could have had a house fire in 2 days...or in 10 years...you just don't know. but at least it's replaced now."
this is the former "auxiliary" breaker box in the laundry room.
this is what our kitchen looks like now. you can see the dens shield walls in the bathroom and the studs, and some insulation. perfect gateway for mice to get on the kitchen counters...oh how i hope the kitchen remodel can happen soon. patrick...how are those cabinets coming along?

this is our amazingly new and beautiful breaker box in the laundry room. far, far away from water and stoves.

we have been very fortunate in the fact that we've made a very awesome bartering deal. david was able to work on kirby's truck and it turns out kirby is an electrician, so he was able to re-wire our entire house, installing this new breaker box and installing 14 new outlets in the kitchen. a vast improvement over the 1 that we currently have!

this is the new wall in our master bedroom, leading into the new master bath. the wall used to be the opening to a 5 ft wide closet. now, there's a walk in closet off the bathroom. we are getting closer and closer to moving out of the guest room and back into our room so we can turn the guest room into the baby's nursery. :)

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