i just added it up. i'm working about 38 hours this week. no wonder i'm exhausted! i'm not used to this anymore. anyways, i have a big day ahead and i'm already so tired...all i want to do is go back to sleep!

watching aiden from 9-4
4:30 piano lesson
5 tutoring

in the midst of all that, i need to:
  1. make 4 loaves of bread
  2. do 6 loads of laundry
  3. pack
  4. prepare for a financial meeting
  5. clear out the master bedroom so that it can be painted next week once dave/nick are done with the drywall
  6. call various utilities to find more info about bills
  7. fill out a w-4 for dave...although at this point i may just wait till the baby's born. i  needed to do this in january!
  8. call a family about taking piano lessons this summer

i pray that aiden will be in good spirits today and take his naps :)

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