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i've got a fun-filled week planned. not working quite as much as last week and i'm glad about that.

i'm going to make some homemade hot dog and hamburger buns today. dave & his brother patrick and some other guys butchered 2 hogs this weekend. one thing we brought back were some bratwursts and dave refuses to put them on store-bought hot dog buns. not that i blame him...

i mowed the yard at a diagonal yesterday afternoon. it turned out awesome. i love mowing in different directions. it looks "professional". i'm debating about running the weed eater myself again. i think that i only did it once last summer. it took me most of the summer to figure out how to use the thing. dave sure doesn't have time to do it and the weeds are really growing up around things where i can't mow.

we are working hard to find time to finish the master bedroom this week and next (including new carpet). the closet won't be done, or the bathroom, but at least we could move our furniture back in then start setting up the nursery. tonight we will sand the walls and wipe them down at least. and probably prime friday night (unless i do it sometime tomorrow or thursday). i know that it would probably be better if i did not expose the baby to the paint fumes, but i am very tempted to just go ahead and get this done. and i can open all the windows and make sure there's good ventilation.

in our weekly budget meeting, we slashed the grocery budget again since i am not going to be making as much money this summer. it's about the only thing that i personally can control. i get about $130 this month for groceries. but that's ok. because the freezer and pantry are full of things just begging to be fixed. and the month of april, i only spent about $30/week or less getting just a few things like milk, veggies, fruit. so i think it's do-able.

well, i better get to work now on a big list of to-do's. should be a fun day because i don't have to go anywhere all day until later when i go out to tutor a boy in pre-algebra. :)

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