exciting stuff

david painted the first coat on the walls of our bedroom last night. it looks amazing. neither of us ever thought that bedroom could look that good. but it does! we still have to put a second coat on the walls and the trim then we will be ready for CARPET! and moving in!!!

sunday night dave went outside. our neighbor was out planting potatoes in his garden. since he is traveling a lot this year, he said he's not going to bother planting as much in his garden as he usually does. honestly, we were bummed cuz he always shares with us (is that bad?)...but then he told dave that we are welcome to plant things in his garden if we want. he asked dave on the right night. sunday. when he was all relaxed and stress free. so, now, we are putting out a garden in our neighbor's yard. it's very close to our house, right next to our driveway. it's kind of cool. we were going to put out a garden in our yard this year, for the first time, but we were honestly intimidated, felt like we did not know what to do or how to do it, and our neighbor admitted to dave that he just "guesses" how to plant things, etc. and that gave dave all the confidence he needed to give it a try too. furthermore, we didn't really have  a way to prepare the soil in our yard (like with a tiller or something) but if we can just use our neighbor's already prepared plot, that will be awesome, and then there was the other thing about our baby being due july 29th...right when a lot of these vegetables might be getting ready. so we were using that as an excuse not to do it.

but...hhhhh...i guess we figured we might as well try it. we were just going to do some green beans and carrots. then we thought of about 50 other things to try too. i think we're going to plant it tonight. sunday night we spent 2 hours clearing out weeds in about 1/4th of the garden. there were a lot of weeds just in that area. 3 heaping wheel barrow loads of them. so...it looks kind of ready for seeds now. we'll see...learning as we go...

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