random thoughts

since becoming pregnant, i love breakfast. and orange juice is high on my list as well. orange juice with pulp, that is. i had a bunch of clementines in the fridge to use up, so i ended up making OJ in the food processor this morning. it turned out amazing!

now i'm off to make 2 or 3 desserts for the Fellowship of Christian Outdoorsmen meeting tonight. and if the fog lifts and it gets warmer and drier, i'd like to mow the yard today before some piano lessons....and you know, i just realized that we will have several people over this weekend before and after the church baby shower and our house is a disaster...so, i just might start frantically cleaning. not sure how this thought hadn't occurred to me yet.. hmmmm...now i'm feeling stressed out!

dave hurt his back while tying his shoes yesterday. had to go to the chiropractor and then he came home and slept and iced his back all day. he was a little stiff but felt a lot better this morning. so he's back at work  today and i'm so glad. not that i didn't love having him here yesterday when i was home, but i hate to see him like that!

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