i am feeling more and more pregnant every day. sometimes that's a good thing. sometimes it's not. mostly good though. i'm so excited that i have the privilege of carrying a baby. it's something that i've wanted for so, so long. and so far this pregnancy has been pretty easy and uncomplicated...and for that i am thankful. however, i've started to just feel kind of generally uncomfortable. and tired. now more than ever before i'm looking forward to meeting this sweet little baby.

i've also noticed that the baby likes to move a lot, especially around bed time and when dave's talking a lot and when there's loud music around, like at church. that makes me very happy. and last friday i began noticing that if i rested my arm on my belly that the baby would kick or push me back. that was pretty awesome. i tried to get it to do the same thing for david, but of course, it refused. it doesn't like to show off for him i guess.

last week i had a really hard time getting motivated to do ANYTHING at home. in fact, the load of light colored clothes that i put in the washer last wednesday is still sitting in there. not so cool considering it now stinks in that room of wet mildewed clothing. david is not amused. neither am i really. ugh. and we are both quickly running out of clean clothes.

dave's coworker ceo and his wife kim came over for 9 hours on saturday and helped us prime the master bedroom (we had to prime the ceiling, all walls, all trim, 2 doors with at least 2 coats everywhere...). we were so thankful for all their help. it looks amazingly white now. and bright. and we ripped out the old carpet and pad. sunday dave painted the ceiling, so that's done. he also finished hanging drywall over the weekend in the master bath and closet. last night we did some more patching of little holes and things that we could better see in the bedroom after getting everything all one color. then i taped all but 3 of the drywall joints in the bath and closet and dave began mudding some of those joints. we made great progress! tonight jason is coming over to help dave paint the master bedroom. they will at least touch up the mudded spots with primer and paint the trim. they may start the walls too, but we still have 1 tape joint that had to be redone and will need to be mudded 1 or 2 times still, so that area can't be painted for a few more days...

well, i'm off to try to accomplish some stuff here at the house (laundry, dishes, thank you cards, phone calls, patch screw holes in bath and closet, etc.). i have an extensive to do list and it's not getting any shorter by me sitting on this computer...

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