remodeling update

i love this photo above (just another one of dave crouched down working somewhere...)

this week we have been wrapping up a lot of remodeling/home projects.

  • we finished painting the front room (see photos above)
  • we put the furnace closet door back on (after painting it and installing new hardware)
  • cleaned the bay window really, really well (took 3 hours!)
  • dave set up the crib yesterday and finished cutting the shelves for the baby's closet! and i washed all the crib bedding so the baby's room is finally coming together!
  • sealed the tiles in the master bath
  • installed the new bathroom sink
  • and almost got the toilet installed last night (but ran into a little issue around 10:30...hhhh) ...perhaps dave will finish installing the toilet tonight.
  • here are some pics of the master bath in its current state. isn't it gorgeous?
this is the view from the walk in closet

here's our heated floor thermostat :)

this is the view from our bedroom

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Erica said...

great job guys! looks like a completely new house! I love it, can't wait to see it in person!