scrambling around these days trying to get things done before the baby arrives...last week we finished adhering the marble tiles to the master bathroom walls. now we need to seal, grout, seal and install toilet, sink and medicine cabinet and then it will be done. we are SO close! dave's bro-in-law rod also came out last week and installed our new side door and front door and storm door. they look awesome. and dave's sister jenny and her kids came to visit for about 2 days and we finished painting the front room. dave & i worked friday and sunday evenings on installing all the trim and outlet covers, etc. in the front room. we're almost done!

yesterday i ran a bunch of errands and then cooked up a storm in the afternoon. i made a huge pot of black beans, 4 loaves of bread, 3 loaves of choc chip banana bread, chocolate sauce, peanut butter and strawberry jam...and steak fajitas for dinner. yum! needless to say, i was exhausted by 6 pm when i finished all that up.

we've been having a lot of issues with our well water lately. every time it rains, it is muddy and murky for a day or 3...i called a well drilling service yesterday to see if they could come look at it and let us know what the problem is. they think it may be something simple that will cost about $500-700. i'm praying that is all. not some $10,000 re-drill or something. :( of course, i'm not sure that i want them to start on this until after the baby. because as emily pointed out, well repairs might result in us not being able to have the water birth as planned.

check out the baby blog for more baby updates.

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