today i'm working on making a good dinner. beef roast and white rice and corn on the cob or something.

and i'm working on sanding the dumb front door. last week i painted the inside of it white to match our trim. i attempted to put on a second coat about 5 hours after the first and, boy, that was a mistake. even though i've gotten away with that on our wood trim, it DID NOT work on the steel door. apparently i should have followed the directions on the can, and waited overnight before re-coating. so now i am working on sanding all the bubbled up paint off the brand new door and repainting it again. ugh. this is a not fun project.

and even though i hesitate to start any other big projects right now for fear that the baby will arrive and i will never finish them, i'm working on a wall art collage. i have to keep myself busy and not dwelling on the impending big event. so basically, we've decided to take a bunch of photographs that we have collected over the years and make a classy looking wall art collage for the front room by the front door. i'm taking all our old frames and spray painting them either black or white...still deciding on that...i like both looks really and then i plan on replacing the photos inside them with some new ones. dave especially enjoys some of our artistic shots of flowers and deer, scenery, etc. rather than just photos of people, etc. so i'm trying to incorporate some of that.

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