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i added a before pic that i found of our old master bathroom shower to the gallery post from a couple days ago if you want to compare the old and the new. :) quite a change!

and i bought some bamboo blinds this week at lowe's. we spent about 12 hours yesterday modifying them to fit our bay window and hanging them up and then we went outside after dark and looked in the windows. and even though the blinds were down all the way, you could see EVERYTHING inside the house. hmmmm...so yeah, that's annoying considering the big push was to get them up before the water birth that will take place right in front of that window. so...yeah...plan B...i need to come up with one. so far i think we will just hang a blanket on the curtain rod for the birth so no one can see in, and we'll keep the blinds. they are really pretty and they block out light during the day if you want it to be dark in here. and it's not like we can return them after all the modifications we made...

our friend kirby came and finished most of the electrical work in the house yesterday. we now have a grand total of 20 outlets in the kitchen (used to have two and a half. i say we had half an outlet b/c it only worked when the garbage disposal was on...so, yeah, we never used it...) and we have a light switch for the laundry room right inside the exterior door, etc, etc. i'm just delighted to have all that work wrapped up.

we've been brainstorming about what color to paint the laundry room when we get all that drywall work done. we'd like to do a pale lime green color but feel that might clash with the color we have for the kitchen (which is actually painted on the west wall of the front room, a grayish-green color). so i found this pic online. i think we may try to copy off this color instead.

the other cool thing is I wanted a blue and white bathroom but we didn't end up doing that cuz our marble tiles had too much pink in them. so...this would give me that same great clean blue & white look only in the laundry room instead of the bathroom. ironically, our tiles are going to look very similar to the ones shown in this pic. and i think the blue color will blend nicely with the kitchen color.

i've also been admiring this pic for a while ...trying to decide if we want to do something like this in the great room. an accent wall color where our fireplace is. we might use the same color from the kitchen or something to tie all the living spaces together...and i'm trying to decide if we should paint our fireplace and mantle white or not.

here's a pic of our great room as it currently is. we will paint the walls probably a tan color and maybe the wall above the fireplace will be an accent color (?) and then we will paint all the woodwork glossy white like everywhere else in the house. so what do you think? should we paint the bricks white as well?
i plan to get a white or tan slipcover for the plaid couch. and then we will have a burgundy leather loveseat from my mom too. and a neutral area rug. and perhaps some colorful accent pillows. mmm....i love decorating!

see the baby blog for an update as well.

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