we stayed up till 1:30 last night putting finishing touches on the master bath (dave caulked and mounted the TP holder, etc), and i was dusting, sweeping the floors, and we were both discussing and dreaming about what we might do with the landscaping around our front porch later this year or next spring.

i love my david and we are getting so excited to meet this new little baby but these last few days of "just us" are so precious to me and to him. in fact, i burst into tears when we went to bed last night over the whole thing. haha...

we were contemplating heading out to the stock mud bog tonight at the boone county fair for our family night but then we're both so excited to finish the bathroom and front room and we're SO close...and the weather man said how hot it is going to be today and this 9 month pregnant momma isn't all that excited about sweating all evening at the fairgrounds. and all we have left to do on the 2 rooms is to hang the towel bars in the bathroom and the curtains and blinds in the front room. doesn't sound like much but it will probably take several hours all in all...and yeah, i'd really like to have the curtains and blinds in the front room considering that's where the birth tub is set up.

dave gave me the best compliment last night when he said that i've made our home so nice that he actually wants to be here now instead of leaving to go places like the mud bog. :) that was my goal!

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