fun photo update

the granite tile glued onto the sink base...grouting to follow tonight

more discovery channel on our front porch...a squirrel

levi enjoying his bumbo at 7 weeks or so

levi checking out the mirror in his room

levi reading his favorite book at the hotel in chicago. he likes the black and white panda and the orange lion. he's about 8 weeks old here.

levi discovering his hand and sucking on it in daddy's arms (8 weeks)

kitchen cabinets (please note that they will be stained and have doors in the future...that work is yet to come!)

dave saying "bye-bye" to the blue backer board on the sink base before covering it with granite tiles...he worked 24 hours just on preparing the tiles for this section of the kitchen (cutting, bullnosing, polishing, etc.)

levi at 7 weeks...not very happy in his swing (he usually likes it a lot!)

levi at 6 weeks. hanging out in the swing and checking out the links.

more kitchen cabinets in the great room. the one in front laying with the opening on top will go above our fridge. i think that cabinet alone represents more storage than all our current cabinets put together.

the sink base with the new granite tiles. as soon as dave gets this grouted, the backsplash done and the sink functioning, we will gut the rest of the kitchen. should be an adventure. hopefully this weekend!

me and levi hanging out at the hotel in chicago.

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