the couple on younghouselove.com announced today that they are moving. they haven't found a new place yet but are looking and are excited about redoing another home. i am very excited for them and very excited to read about their new remodeling adventures in the near future!

everyone has been asking us lately if we'll even be able to move after putting so much time, money and energy into remodeling our home. and i guess, just like on younghouselove the answer is "YES!" we look at this house as an opportunity to hone our skills and practice and we look forward to trying new things another time in another place. in a sick weird way i love remodeling and i'm looking forward to building or redoing another home someday. of course, i say this just days (hopefully...if we remain on task...) before gutting the kitchen. i have yet to live without a kitchen so i'm not sure what i'll say after that.....but anyways....

i better get going. gotta clean the house quick before levi wakes up and then during his next nap, i'm out to the shed to profile some granite tiles for our bar counter. the last phase of countertop to be done for the kitchen!

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