goodbye internet

I've been daily fighting a battle against the Internet. Basically, I think that it is my biggest problem in keeping the house clean, etc. I get online planning to spend 5 mins on there. The next thing I know, it's 5 hours later and I've wasted my entire day. There are so many things that I love to look at. So many people that I love to keep up with online, etc. But the house needs cleaned. And I have a husband and son to attend to and care for and be there for. I've been reading a couple books "Created to be His Help Meet" and "Woman after God's own Heart" and they have pointed out the immense responsibility that I have in keeping the home for my family. And even though it's been my desire to do a better job with that I have still found myself, now 3 days in a row, wasting away on the internet, doing the bare minimum around the house to survive, etc. It is time that I take a break. My family desperately needs me to wake up out of the internet-induced fog that I've been living in...

So I have asked Dave to put a password on the computer so I can't get on here unless he logs me on. And he gladly agreed. I have problems with self control when it comes to technology (this is why we got rid of the TV last year) so now I'm taking a step to try to stop this addiction before Dave just throws the computer away completely...at least this way I will occasionally be able to get online.

Anyways, if anyone needs to contact me, feel free to leave a comment. I'll get it eventually. Or if you know my phone number, call me! It's so much more fun to really talk anyways!

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